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The She Lives Podcast explores simple lifestyle changes that will make your life much happier. It’s time to let go of self-limiting behaviors, endless tasks and things that steal our joy.

We will talk to relationship experts and everyday women like you and me who share their tips to help others create a life they desire.

Join our tribe of empowering, funny, and real women who aren’t afraid to build each other up and share their tips and tricks.

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Yes, Take Me There

    Hi, I'm Michelle Hancock

  • I am a thirty-something mother of three, wife, serial entrepreneur, professional blogger and an enneagram seven.
  • This podcast is my journey to find ways to let go of perfectionism, rediscover what living a happy life means while learning from other women who are doing amazing things on their own terms. Like a true enneagram seven who seeks adventure and joy in everyday living, I am inviting you to join the ride and learn from women who are ready to let go and let life in.